6 of the Best Weed Vaporizers for the Total Beginner

Rosinate would like to remind our readers that, although it may be legal to purchase vaporizers where you are, the possession and consumption of cannabis is subject to laws. We recommend doing the research on cannabis laws within the country you are in before purchasing or consuming cannabis.

1.Storz & Bickel - Crafty $449

From the makers of the classic Volcano, this vaporizer combines conduction heating and convection resulting in an efficient, even draw within this portable device​. The Crafty is battery​  powered and remote controllable via an app, making it the perfect companion on the go. The factory settings are optimal for immediate use, but with the remote control app you can easily select the perfect settings to your preference on your Android or iOS. The app puts you in complete control, allowing you to personalise the Basic and Booster temperatures, change the LED brightness, switch the vibration signal on or off, read the battery status, reference the operating time and so much more. With an integrated filling chamber at ​1.4 cm³ the Crafty can be used for either herbs or liquids with the additional drip pad. The flippable mouthpiece with the cooling unit offers the delivery of enjoyable vapor and delicious flavour.

2.Atmos Jump, $99

Atmos are consistently releasing vaporizers which are ranked as some of the best on the market and the Jump vape pen is one of the most durable and compact dry herb vaporizers available. This affordable vape pen is a perfect starter vape with its durable carbon fiber housing and simplicity to use. It is powered by a 1200mAh battery and only has one temperature setting, with a changing light colour when hot enough to use. The Jump delivers powerful performance, evenly vaporizing dry herbs using an anodized heating chamber providing a rich and smooth vapor every time. The easy access mouthpiece and micro-USB charging make this vape pen incredibly convenient and easy to use.

3.Firefly 2, $399

This sleek vaporizer sits at the other end of the spectrum, with an ultra lightweight magnesium alloy body and glass bowl and vapor path for a sophisticated, high performing device. The sophisticated glass bowl offers an extremely efficient heating and a truly out of this world taste whether you use dry herb or concentrate. Many other vaporizers heat herbs through conduction but the Firefly 2 vaporizer uses dynamic convection heating technology combined with a glass vapor path and bowl, this way you can experience 100% combustion free vape. Paired with a bluetooth app on your phone, you can easily keep an eye on the temperature, reaching the set temperature in under 5 seconds this vape is incredibly easy and convenient to use.  

4.G Pen Elite Vaporizer, $219

The G Elite Pro has been ergonomically designed delivering this compact, portable convection style vaporizer which features a full LED display with full temperature control, a battery life indicator and a full ceramic heating chamber. The fully ceramic chamber is the largest on the market, boasting a revolutionary 360 ceramic heating element which provides quick and even convection vaporization of dry ground material from all sides, offering incredible efficiency. You can set the temperature to whatever you desire between 200 - 428F (93 - 220C), allowing you to experiment with low temperature true vaporization and explore optimal flavor profiles. The innovative technology delivers an entirely new vaporizing experience with an unrivaled taste and performance. The high grade lithium ion battery and smart chip technology powers the G Pen Elite as a high performance vaporizer which can sustain battery life for extended use. This is the perfect marriage of form and function, making it the ideal solution for efficient vaporization on the go.

5.AirVape X, $299

Similar to the Crafty, this AirVape X uses conduction and convection heating technology for this ultraportable and incredibly discreet design. The AirVape X achieves the best heating in just 20 seconds to optimal level performing as the ultimate personal loose-leaf vaporizer. The oval-shaped ceramic chamber and the compartment underneath accumulate hot air, delivering an extra smooth, original vapor with even heating. It has been thoughtfully designed for efficiency, displaying the temperature and battery life on the elegant 1.3 inch display screen, vibrating when it is ready and an automatic shut-off timer for when you’re finished.

6.DaVinci IQ, $439

The DaVinci IQ offers an evolved and tailored vapor experience with a sleek design, 4 temperature settings and an expertly engineered ceramic pathway. The IQ is perfect for anyone who wants a hybrid conduction/convection style vape for dry herb. The paired app allows you to monitor and adjust the temperature to your needs. The IQ utilises innovative technology in the form of a zirconia ceramic airpath and SmartPathTM temperature settings, delivering the purest and most precise vaping experience available.