About Rosinate

I am really passionate about healthy consumption of e-juice & herbal products and wont to bring the absolute best to the market, from US and around the world and this is my story.

Rosinate was first thought up about the middle of 2015 when some guys in US discovered that when you put herb under pressure it released rosin, concentrated herb oil. In the first half of 2016 I looked at early designs coming out of the US and knew straight away that I could build a product that was as good a quality and for a better price and quality and wired for 240 volt New Zealand connections. Also the cost of freighting large press over here made them an expensive option. I built my first Rosinator press for myself by may 2016 and by this stage I had also imported a galaxy wax vape pen from Kandypens. Soon after this I had a couple of friends also wanted to get a press and vape which then lead to developing this business. Since then it took me about 6 months before I got my website up and running and have then decided to add a range of what I believe are the best quality dry herb and wax vaporizers on the market including most of the Kandypen Range alongside some of the most well known brands(STORZ & BICKEL's Volcano and much more), some that have been on the market for years in New Zealand and around the world and other products that New Zealand has never seen before.

About Rosin Tech

The story of how rosin was discovered:


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