Parchment Paper (150mm x 300mm) Pre-Folded - 50 pack

Parchment Thickness: 35lb
Sale price$46.00


 - 55lb Heavy Duty 

 - 35lb Regular Duty 

 Ultra thick, food grade silicone coated parchment paper – durable, reusable and heat resistant: 150mm x 300mm sheet (150mm x 150mm after folding)


For easy rosin pressing and collection, check out our heavy duty pre-folded parchment papers. The papers are durable and reusable, made with thick 55lb genuine vegetable parchment and coated with food grade silicone on both sides for easy rosin collection. The 150mm x 150mm size is perfect for our 80mm x 100mm bags and/or for stand-up tech.

Paper Dimensions:
150mm x 300mm (150mm x 150mm after folding)

Place your bag and/or material in between the folded paper and press.

Recommended bag sizes:

  • Flat: 80mm x 100mm
  • Stand Up Tech: any size, any length

About the paper:
Genuine vegetable parchment is the premier sheet in the bakery market. Its release characteristics, heat resistance, grease resistance and wet strength mesh quite well with the needs of rosin tech. Our papers are true parchment with tighter woven fibers. For additional durability, we chose 55lb ultra thick paper with a food grade silicone surface. Silicone is an ideal release agent due to its pliability, natural lack of toxins, high insulation ability, and heat resistance. FDA approved for direct human food contact.

Made in USA by BLP

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